An online destination to find the tools, courage, and connections you need to answer the call to "Something Bigger" and bring your greatest work into the world.


The Freedom Resort is an on-demand digital retreat to escape the constant noise and distractions that are holding you back and keeping YOU on the back burner.

(Yep, I see you.)

It's so easy to get stuck in the DOING of motherhood, our careers, and the many roles we play as women. After a while, our "to do"s start to weigh us down and eventually leave us walking through life like a bunch of zombies. We completely lose track of who we are and depend so much on feedback from others and the outcomes of our actions to define who we are. (Sound familiar?)

This resort is a private website where you can learn how to stop the downward spiral and hit the "reset" button. This will give you space to re-center on the gifts that you uniquely bring into the world.

Here, you'll find a continuously-growing set of exercises, stretches, and resources to help you bring your greatest work (and your greatest YOU) into the world, organized and delivered in a way that keeps this important work (and it is work) fun to do.



True freedom happens when your inner self matches what you have to show on the outside. 

If you find yourself feeling burnt out or foggy, treat yourself to one of the inner beauty treatments and walk away feeling refreshed, aligned, and inside-out-shiny again.


A place where you can kick off your shoes and just come and be yourself (because this is where I come to be myself). As I share my stories and everyday lessons, you'll find "ah-ha"s and inspiration to help you through your own experiences.

...And, of course, there will always be the occasional random squirrel. ;)


The songs we sing and dance to have a major effect on our freedom to show up as our true selves and create the impact we're meant to have on the world around us. 

In the Grand Ballroom, you'll learn about DJ Fear and his "Stuck and Small" playlist (featuring the #1 hit, "You Don't Belong Here, And They'll All Find Out Soon"), and find some other options for your listening pleasure.


Bringing your greatest work into the world can be lonely.

...Really lonely.

Come to the Clubhouse for opportunities to get to know other like-minded members and feature (promote) your projects in the monthly Member Art Gallery.


When you surround yourself and fill yourself with things that don't serve you, it is draining your energy, keeping you from doing work that matters, and burning through time that could be spent with the people who love and strengthen you.

The Wellness Center & Juice Bar is your spot to stretch, re-fuel, and ditch the junk to make energy and space in your life for the people and activities that matter most.


On your journey to "Something Bigger", it's important to have space to learn and be uplifted by others. 

At the Auditorium, you will hear from some of the kindest hearts and brightest minds around.

...and you might even get a chance to share your own genius with the rest of us. 


What is included with membership?

  • Lifetime access to all areas of the resort, from your device of choice: computer, tablet, or mobile
  • Fresh content added on a weekly basis, giving you a continuously-evolving library of resources
  • Unlimited access to member-level workshops and presentations
  • Exclusive opportunities to connect and collaborate with a community of huge-hearted, high-impact women
  • Discounts on any future in-person events


Clearing up some of those question marks in your mind...

Q: How much does it cost?

Membership is a 1-time fee of $249.
Note: this price will likely increase in the future as the resort expands.

Q: Is this a physical location?

No; this is a virtual (online) location. The Freedom Resort is a private website you will access with a username and password at your convenience. 

Q: Is this intended to replace therapy?

Absolutely not. While I have consulted with researchers and mental health professionals for portions of the resort content, I am in no way qualified to be your therapist -- nor do I intend to be. 

Q: When will my membership expire?

Never :)

As long as this website exists, you will have access.

Q: How do I sign up?

Thank you for your interest! To sign up, click any one of the green "more information" buttons on this page to select your username and password, and purchase your membership.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out via the "Contact" link in the lower right-hand corner of this page.

A Quick Note About "Something Bigger"

You kept scrolling, so I'm including this for you.

 Your greatest work is unique to you. I am not here to shape you into anything or teach you the "7 steps to do exactly what I have done".

Your "Something Bigger" may be leaving a corporate job that doesn't light you up. Or being a more engaged mother. Or writing that book you've had in your heart for years. Or sharing your journey in hopes of helping other women through theirs. Or whatever you're feeling your heart calling you to right this moment.

(...feel free to take a moment and listen.)

You and I are here with our own experiences and our own unique sets of strengths. I'm here to help you create the conditions in your life to use those gifts to help others, and as a result, bring light to the world around you.  

Whether it's time for you to join the resort or not, I hope that reading this has helped you feel how special you and your gifts are. And please, always answer when "Something Bigger" calls.


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