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Don't Quit.

motherhood success Sep 22, 2017

Every night before bed when I was a little girl, my mom used to read me a story, sing me a song, and tuck me in. Before turning out the light, she'd simultaneously click her tongue, wink her eye, and do a "gun" point at me with her hand, and say, <click/wink/point> "Don't Quit."

It was a fun way to end the day as a Kindergartener, but that short & sweet (yet powerful) message has carried me through a lot of challenging times, including pushing through the final phases of building this project. 


This summer wasn't easy. We moved from the beach to the city, I started my first class at Harvard, and I lost a dear friend to breast cancer. I could have easily (and a few times really wanted to) throw in the towel. I felt like a fool for even trying to build this. 


But quietly there came the same short & sweet (yet powerful) message that brought me back to my 5 year-old self, and I knew I had to keep going. 


And tonight, I finally made the announcement that the resort is ready. Construction will continue, and I know it will look different in 1 year than it does right now, but gosh it feels good to say I didn't quit. And I won't quit. This is a dream of mine, and I am so blessed to get to make it happen. 


Thanks, Mom. ❤️


And to you moms out there, I hope you feel that there is more to this story than an important life skill of not quitting. I hope this story shows you that the little things we do as mothers truly matter.


Your kids need you. Even if it's just the dimmest light you have left. What you have to offer counts, even if it's only 2 words at the end of a long day.

Don't quit.