Shalon* Ironroad gets a kick out of writing her own bio in the third person.

When she writes said bio, she likes to come up with things that she hopes will impress you like, she has never had a bad day... she only throws Pinterest-worthy parties... when she sneezes it sounds like Tinkerbell flying... she has it allll figured out and her Instagram shows it. 

(are you so impressed?!)

But then she remembers that this is the B.S. pressure we all feel nowadays, and that what she does isn't who she is. (Same goes for all of us!)

So she hits the Return key, and types the truth. 

Shalon Ironroad is a learning, growing, creator-in-training.

She loves being a mom and being married to her husband, and being herself.
(even if it means having a less-impressive bio)

*Pronunciation guide: Shalon rhymes with "Salon".
Origin: My parents met as missionaries in Taiwan, so they thought it would be cool to name me with  the American pronunciation of a Mandarin term for "Little Orchid". It wasn't my favorite as a kid (#bullies), but now I happen to love it. :)

In case the absence of a resume-like listing is causing you inner turmoil, here's the "Doing" stuff, in a nutshell: Business Consultant with 10+ years experience in digital media and entrepreneurship, author, musician, and student (chipping away at a Masters degree from Harvard).

In other (fewer!) words...Learning, growing, creator-in-training.
(told you the  being stuff was better)

Thanks for reading this far. Can't wait to learn more about you.



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